Home Emergency Kit

H&H Medical Corporation


In our homes, we take every measure to ensure our loved one’s safety, but do you have what you need in case of a true medical emergency? The H&H Medical Home Emergency Kit provides everything you need to respond to a life-threatening emergency in your home. From serious bleeding to burns, this kit contains just what you need to be prepared. Our kit comes pre-packed ready to go in a bright orange, rugged watertight case to protect the first aid products inside.

The Home Emergency Kit contains:

  • One roll of PriMed Compressed Gauze to pack and wrap a wound.
  • One H&H Sterile Burn Blanket which provides a fast response to burns large and small.
  • One H&H Thin H compression dressing, one of the leading compression dressings on the market. With the H-Cleat compression bar, the pressure applied by this bandage will dramatically slow bleeding.
  • One Mini Compression Bandage to stop bleeding and protect a wound.
  • One H&H Compressed Elastic Wrap (3" x 5') for wrapping joints or holding bandages in place.
  • One roll of Combat Medic Tape to secure bandages in place.
  • One ClearCool™ Hydrogel Burn Dressing for slight to moderate burns.
  • One H&H TK-4L compression strap tourniquet
  • Two Enhanced Bandage Packs with large and small bandages along with over the-counter pain medicine to treat small wounds and for pain.
  • Two chemical glow lights to help you work in the dark or to be used to signal for help.
  • Five Aquatabs® water purification tablets
  • Two bacitracin antibacterial ointment packs
  • One sterile 4X4 individually wrapped gauze pad
  • One pair of Nitrile Gloves to wear when treating injuries.
  • Four VioNex Anti-microbial hand wipes
  • One 5X6 Disposable Cold Compress
  • Two Ammonia Inhalant Capsules
  • One Klever Kutter safety cutting blade to cut away clothing or other materials without injuring you or others.

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