Training Resources

H&H Medical has several online resources for training as well as companies recognized as experts in using and training H&H Medical products.


Our YouTube Channel ( shows the basic instructions for use for many of our products including:

  • SWAT-T Tourniquet (view)
  • PriMed Compressed Gauze (view)
  • H-Bandage and Thin H Bandage (view)
  • Cinch Tight Bandage (view)
  • Chest Dressings like the Bolin Chest Seal and Wound Seal (view)
  • Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit (view)


While many of our products have instructions on the packaging showing how to use our products, sometimes having the instructions separately can help. Download this file (English, Español) for instructions on how to use:

  • The SWAT-T tourniquet including One-Handed Application
  • The H&H Compressed Gauze
  • The Cinch Tight Bandage
  • The H-Bandage
  • The Thin H Bandage
  • The Mini Compression Bandage
  • The Bolin Chest Seal
  • The Wound Seal Kit
  • The DualSeal Chest Seal Two Pack
  • The ClearCool Hydrogel Burn Dressing
  • The TK-4 and TK-4L Compression Strap Tourniquet
  • The H&H Combat Eye Shield

We also have a set of instructions for the MET Gen III tourniquet that you can download here.


Additionally, H&H Medical has qualified several companies to provide training into TECC/TCCC emergency trauma care using H&H products. These companies have been reviewed by H&H Medical as having experienced staff skilled in training on all of our H&H products. If you need training for your products, contact one of these companies below!

Tri-Med Tactical

Founded on the principle of “una vita salvari” meaning “one life saved,” Tri-Med Tactical, LLC (TMT) is dedicated to providing the most tactically sound medicine delivered in an easy to understand, remember, and carry out format, even in the most stressful situations. The first few minutes before first responders arrive on the scene of an austere event are crucial. Every second that passes is an opportunity to save a life. From the seasoned first responder to the civilian unfamiliar with tactics or medicine, TMT strives to instill medical knowledge, hands-on training, and confidence into those that hold the fate of the wounded in their hands. TMT is proudly a veteran operated company.

Stein Medical Training and Consulting –

Stein Medical Training and Consulting, LLC (SMTC) is an “Authorized Provider for American Heart Association ECC Courses”. SMTC specializes in teaching AHA courses with the personal touch.  We realize that our most important service is Customer Service, and offer classes and training in a convenient, low stress, individualized way.  Your time is important, and we cater to those that care for others.

Wilderness Medicine Outfitters (WMO) -

WMO is a USMC veteran owned Outfit run by the Wilderness Medical Society’s 1st Master Fellow. Since 1967 it has specialized in Wilderness, Disaster and Remote Medicine. Mature experienced civilian, law enforcement and military instructors train you using H&H products at all levels. They offer 2 to 4 day Wilderness First Aid training, a 9 day Wilderness First Responder/WEMT training and a 5 day Wilderness Advanced Life Support class (using 3 cadavers). WMO trains civilians, Military and law enforcement.