H&H Medical is committed to helping civilians learn how to stop severe hemorrhaging and to save lives. We support the initiatives by BleedingControl.org and others to share this information as broadly as possible.

Learn how to use our products to "Stop The Bleed" here and to find out more visit https://cms.bleedingcontrol.org/class/search to find a "Stop The Bleed" class in your area.

The ABCs of Bleeding (based on the BleedingControl.org "Stop The Bleed" training)

When you find someone who is bleeding severely, you can help keep them alive until first responders arrive. An adult person can bleed out (exsanguinate) in as little as 5 minutes after experiencing a major injury.

Remember the ABCs of bleeding control when you arrive on the scene:

A – Alert – call 9-1-1 to get help quickly

B – Bleeding – find the bleeding injury on the injured person. You may need to cut away or remove clothing to find the wound.

C – Compress – apply pressure to stop the bleeding by:

  1. Covering the wound with a clean cloth and applying pressure by pushing directly on it with both hands or using a pressure bandage, OR
  2. Using a tourniquet, OR
  3. Packing (filling) the wound with gauze or a clean cloth and then applying pressure with both hands or with a pressure bandage.

Using H&H Medical Products to Stop The Bleed

1. Watch Our Videos

H&H Medical's YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/gohandh/videos?view=0) shows the basic instructions for use for many of our bleeding control products including: 

  • SWAT-T Tourniquet (view)
  • PriMed Compressed Gauze (view)
  • H-Bandage and Thin H Bandage (view)
  • Cinch Tight Bandage (view)

2. Download A Card

For our Grab and Go Bleeding Control Kit (link), we created an easy-to-use card that walks users through the process of using the contents of this kit to control severe hemorrhaging. You can download this card to have on hand whenever you need a reminder.

3. Get the App

Download our H&H Medical Products Information app for phones and tablets. Available from the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store, this app provides users with information about many of our products as well as instructions for using the application. Designed for easy use, the app is handy to have to know what to use in an emergency situation. For more information, click here.

4. Get Full Instructions for Use

While many of our products have instructions on the packaging showing how to use our products, sometimes having the instructions separately can help. Download this file (English, Español) for instructions on how to use:

  • The SWAT-T tourniquet including One-Handed Application
  • The H&H Compressed Gauze
  • The Cinch Tight Bandage
  • The H-Bandage
  • The Thin H Bandage
  • The Mini Compression Bandage
  • The Bolin Chest Seal
  • The Wound Seal Kit
  • The DualSeal Chest Seal Two Pack
  • The ClearCool Hydrogel Burn Dressing
  • The TK-4 and TK-4L Compression Strap Tourniquet
  • The H&H Combat Eye Shield

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