H&H Medical Corporation is lead by an experience team of professionals dedicated to creating the highest quality products and providing world-class customer service. We are proud to introduce them to you.

Paul X. Harder, JD (email)

Paul Harder brings over 28 years of management and leadership experience. A graduate of the College of William and Mary and George Mason University School of Law, Mr. Harder spent over 20 years in consulting and management positions for leading information technology firms in the Washington DC area before joining H&H Medical. In these senior leadership roles, Mr. Harder was instrumental in managing technology contracts in excess of $50 million annually and managing teams exceeding 100 skilled employees. Mr. Harder was also the lead senior manager in securing CMM Level 3 accreditation and ISO 9001 registration.

Since joining H&H, Mr. Harder has been responsible for improving and refining the quality systems used to create the world-class products as well as developing new products and solutions for customers. Mr. Harder has led the expansion of the company since 2010 including the move of our main operations to our current facility in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has also been responsible for leading the corporate commitment to quality through the securing of our ISO 13485:2003 registration.

Robert H.B. Harder (email)
Vice President, Finance

Robert H.B. Harder brings over 20 years of finance, accounting, and engineering experience to H&H Medical. A graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Mr. Harder spent over a decade in the financial management and investment industry before joining H&H Medical. Since his arrival, Mr. Harder has been instrumental in reforming and streamlining our financial operations, increasing responsiveness to vendors, and improving our overall credit position. 

Joseph DaCorta (email)
Vice President, Product Development

Mr. Joseph A. DaCorta, also known as Joe, serves as Vice President for Product Development. Mr. DaCorta is responsible for identifying, researching, and developing new technologies for our customers. Mr. DaCorta has more than 30 years experience in public Bio-Medical Research, Development, and Acquisition. He has experience in federal acquisition procedures, global commercialization and formations of public and private partnerships. He has served in several senior executives positions at companies such as Entegrion and Water-Jel Technologies, LLC. A Marine Corps veteran, Mr. DaCorta was responsible for identifying and evaluating technologies relating to bio-defense, combat injury and environmental health challenges. He served as Head of Expeditionary Medicine at the US Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory where he tested technologies relating to combat trauma and environmental health problems. He served as a U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps Officer. He holds a MHA in Health Care Administration from Baylor University, and holds several Defense Acquisition Certifications.

Corina Bilger (email)
Global Sales Director

Ms. Corina Bilger is a dynamic, versatile and results-oriented global sales director with 20+ years of experience, providing specialization in the sale and utilization of medical supply products and first aid services. She has brought extensive strategic experience to help improve processes and impacting strong revenue growth for company expansion into global territories. At H&H Medical, Ms. Bilger's responsibilities includer establishing the sales infrastructure to support a developing military, civilian, and international sales team. She has been instrumental in the creation of our sales strategy defining the needs of sales, sales activities, management of shows and meetings with customers. Ms. Bilger is a recognized Subject Matter Expert in a variety of emergency services, train and lead teams of EMS, Fire, Nursing and Law Enforcement professionals in development activities, licensing initiatives and certifications.

Michelle L. Morgan (email)
Quality and Regulatory Manager

Michelle Morgan brings over 25 years of business, management and quality assurance experience to H&H Medical. A graduate of Lynchburg College and a member of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Ms. Morgan brings a pragmatic, common sense approach to defining and managing the H&HQuality Management System to ensure alignment with FDA cGMP and ISO 13485 practices. She is committed, along with the H&H staff, to providing our customers with products that are consistently dependable and superior in quality and value.