Study reports Bolin Chest Seal superior to non-vented chest seals in treating tension pneumothorax

At the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST), a Poster presentation was made entitled “Comparison of an unvented (HALO) with a vented (BOLIN) chest seal for treatment of pneumothorax (PTx) and prevention of a Tension PTx in a swine model. (link to presentation:

In this presentation, the authors compared the efficacy of an unvented chest seal with the Bolin Chest Seal representing a vented or valved chest dressing. The authors of the study introduced a chest wound in the swine models and then measured performance immediately after injury and forward as air was introduced into the pleural cavity.

The conclusion the researchers made were as follows:

Conclusion: [Chest Seals] with or without a venting valve provides immediate breathing comfort and improves blood oxygenation of patients with PTx. However, over time in the presence of an airway leak, an unvented [chest seal] can lead to a tension PTx, hypoxemia, respiratory, and cardiac arrest.

You can read the Poster abstract as provided on the EAST 2013 website here: ScientificPosters-ChestSeal_Results-Abstract

The full research study report can be found at the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery: July 2013 – Volume 75 – p. 150-156. Click here to see the report (subscription required).