About H&H Medical Corporation

At our core, H&H Med Corp is a team of problem solvers.
We find answers.

My father founded this company in 1982 on the premise that
we would always partner with our customers to design innovative
answers that meet their immediate needs.

Since 2001, H&H Med Corp has focused on the pressing needs
of military specifically in major trauma situations that have the
potential to cause prolonged disability or death.

When life is threatened on the battlefield, it’s arguably the most
high-stakes, adrenaline-lined, endorphin-fueled environment
on the planet. After a life-threatening injury, you have seconds.

And you have us.

We live in those seconds. It is where our products are proven. And
this is where our simple and rugged solutions get the job done.

We have developed a full-line of military grade, battle tested
emergency products that have revolutionized how life-threatening
injuries are treated.

Now, we’ve made our products available to all civilian first
responders, who also face the heat of battle between life and death.

You can trust our solutions because they’ve already seen it all.
They’ve been through it all. And they are ready for the fight.

We began by asking the question, “How do you keep someone
alive?” H&H Med Corp has an answer.

Paul X. Harder, President