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Stop the Bleed


H&H Medical is committed to helping civilians learn how to stop severe hemorrhaging and to save lives. We support the initiatives by and others to share this information as broadly as possible.

10 products found in Stop the Bleed

Bleeding Control Basic Kit
  • From $34.95
Bleeding Control Intermediate Kit
  • From $64.95
H&H Ready To Go Bleeding Control Kit
  • From $59.25
Mass Casualty "Grab and Throw" Basic Kit 6 Pack
  • From $279.30
Mass Casualty "Grab and Throw" Intermediate Kit 6 Pack
  • From $499.30
The BRICK - The Bleeding Response Injury Control Kit
  • From $83.76


Public Stop the Bleed Box
  • $844.90
  • $749.95
Adult Trauma Response Pack
  • From $47.50
School Trauma Active Response and Treatment (START) Kit
  • $163.28
Easy Carry Trauma Kit
  • From $79.50