Office Trauma Kit

H&H Medical Corporation


Does your office have the standard first aid kit which usually just contains products for small cuts or scraps? What would you do for a serious bleeding situation? When severe injuries occur and public access bleeding control is required, having a kit with the necessary equipment is vital to saving lives. Keeping bleeding control kits simple and easy to use is crucial to the success of civilian first responders. H&H Medical understands this and designs ease-of-use into all our products.

The Office Trauma Kit contains:

  • One hemostatic dressing to stop severe bleeding and control blood loss.
  • One H&H Response TK windlass tourniquet, our newest tourniquet designed for easy application and securing.  OR One SWAT-T Elastic Tourniquet, Orange, for fast application with minimal training.
  • One roll of PriMed Compressed Gauze to pack and wrap a wound.
  • One H&H Thin H compression dressing, one of the leading compression dressings on the market. With the H-Cleat compression bar, the pressure applied by this bandage will dramatically slow bleeding.
  • One H&H Emergency Hypothermia Blanket (52" x 84") compact in size but unfolds into a full mylar survival blanket. Necessary when covering casualties to keep them warm and reduce the risk of shock.
  • One Mini Compression Bandage to stop bleeding and protect a wound.
  • One ClearCool™ Hydrogel Burn Dressing for slight to moderate burns
  • One CPR breathing shield for protection when performing CPR.
  • One roll of Combat Medic Tape to secure bandages in place.
  • One pair of Nitrile Gloves to wear when treating injuries.
  • One Enhanced Bandage Pack with large and small bandages along with over the-counter pain medicine to treat small wounds and for pain.

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