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Combining best-of-breed pouches and containers with H&H Medical's complete line of trauma products, our medical kits are designed to go anywhere, survive any environment, and contains the essential gear to respond to any emergency. From Hartford Consensus compliant belt kits to Stop The Bleed packs and full Tactical Emergency Casualty Care first aid pouches, H&H Medical has the complete solution for any medical emergency.

13 products found in Innovative Kit Solutions

Adult Trauma Response Pack
  • $47.50
Bleeding Control Basic Kit
  • From $34.95
Bleeding Control Intermediate Kit
  • From $64.95
H&H Oh [S]kit! PPE kit
  • $8.25
H&H Ready To Go Bleeding Control Kit
  • $59.25
H&H Ready To Go Mini Kit
  • $32.64
H&H Ready To Go Slim Kit
  • $67.50
Mass Casualty "Grab and Throw" Basic Kit 6 Pack
  • From $279.30
Mass Casualty "Grab and Throw" Intermediate Kit 6 Pack
  • From $499.30


Public Stop the Bleed Box
  • $844.90
  • $749.95
School Trauma Active Response and Treatment (START) Kit
  • $163.28
The BRICK - The Bleeding Response Injury Control Kit
  • From $83.76
Tuxedo Trauma Kits
  • From $52.96