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Pneumothorax Care

H&H’s line of chest dressings devices use unique designs to treat one of the main causes of trauma death, the pneumothorax. From our proven Bolin Chest Seal to our Wound Seal Kit and Tension Pneumothorax Needle, H&H can give you what you need to keep your casualties alive.

8 products found in Pneumothorax Care

Bolin Chest Seal
  • From $26.25
Compact Wound Seal
  • $13.99
H*VENT Penetrating Injury Kit
  • From $28.95
Penetrating Chest Injury Kit
  • From $39.85
Tension Pneumothorax Access Kit (TPAK)
  • $12.87

Out of Stock

TyTek PneumoDart (Formerly the H&H Enhanced Pneumothorax Needle)
  • $31.30


Wound Seal Duo
  • $27.76
  • $21.50
Wound Seal Kit
  • From $13.99